Sonntag, 31. August 2014

window on the weird

titelbild für Don Marquez, Window on the Weird
ca. 2008
land USA
jahr ca. 2008
künstler Don Marquez
format ca. 20" x 30"
hinweis Volume Two Is 80 full color pages of oil paintings and watercolors of movie monster portraits, scenes of retro science fiction, fantasy, horror, pulp inspired heroes, and lots of exotic women. These pieces were chosen as a representative sampling of work done from 1985 through 2007. My art books will not be found in any bookstores. They are produced on a print on demand basis, and total print runs will probably never exceed a hundred copies or so. The initial order was for twenty copies. Window On The Weird: Volume 2, 80 pages, 8 X 10.5 inches, square bound.

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